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A new player in the Edinburgh Investment community...

'Hastings Investment draws from the 25 year experience of a growing wealth management group, bringing together investment expertise with commercial strength. The team also comprises commercial experience and marketing talent to ensure the very best offering for our clients.'

- Gavin Hastings, OBE

A well qualified team with deep experience in Investment planning

Hastings Investment is building on the solid foundations of Price Ferguson Ltd. - a Wealth Management company with 25 years of successful and growing business managing £220m of client funds.

Providing impartial and balanced advice on investment planning, tax and retirement planning, and wealth protection strategies.

Our expertise

We take great pride in the expertise of our highly qualified advisers and support team.

Not only are our team deeply knowledgeable in investment planning, but of equal importance is their ability to communicate and explain recommendations in ways that are easily understood. Only then can our clients feel truly in control of their finances and be reassured by our advice. In short, we work hard to deliver our input in a straightforward and caring way.

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